One of the preferred activities of the Care for Cows residents is sunbathing. The more experienced residents set the example and the less experienced observe and inquire how to improve. Periodically the residents have contests and award prizes for the best performers in three categories: Novice, Intermediate and Adept. Contestants are placed in the respective categories strictly according to individual expertise. No consideration is given to sex, age, family line or tenure in the movement. Awards are offered to encourage each participant to slowly but surely attain the adept stage. The characteristics indicative of the Novice category are: half-closed eyes, deep breathing, and a general disinterest in the surroundings.


Shanti and Yasoda were commended for good performance in this category.


Vanamali and Pooja are under consideration for promotion to the Intermediate level.

The characteristics indicative of the Intermediate level surpass those of the Novice level and include: fully closed eyes, a minimum of two appendages fully extended, extended periods with no movement, and other-worldliness.


If a candidate extends a third appendage it is to be understood they are approaching eligibility for the Adept stage. Sivani and her beloved son Balarama are known as advanced Intermediates.


Motu and Priya are progressing quickly.


The characteristics indicative of the Adept level surpass those of the inferior levels and include: dreamless sleep, suspension of the breath, the extension of all four appendages, complete disregard for social conventions, drooling, and general obliviousness


Maharani and Mohan have attained this rare stage.


To date no one is even a close rival to Krsna who is the undisputed champion.

While we ourselves are the living graves of murdered beasts, how can we expect any ideal conditions on this earth?

George Bernard Shaw