Sneha - Rajasthan

Is a Cow, born on 2006-05-13, who joined us on 2006-11-28.

I have always been a friendly, happy-go-lucky type of calf, but when my Mom's milk dried up my owner saw me only as a liability. He separated me and my Mom taking me far away from home and dumped me out on the street where other cows would gather for free feed. In this way I maintained myself for about a week. During this time I made friends with some residents of the nearby apartment block, who one afternoon swept me up and delivered me down the road to Care for Cows, just in time for dinner. At the same time, a gosevaki from the UK was visiting CFC and instantly fell in love with me, treating me just like her little Vrajabasi daughter. She has 35 cows and oxen of her own at her farm and they have all agreed that they will each be a banana short at supper every day so they can collectively sponsor me! What wonderful sisters and brothers I have overseas!

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We consume the carcasses of creatures of like appetites, passions and organs as our own, and fill the slaughter houses daily with screams of pain and fear.

Robert Louis Stevenson